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Long Island Wood Pellet Supply Inc.


Welcome to Long Island Wood Pellet Supply Inc.

First we would like to thank you for considering us for your wood pellet fuel needs. We have been servicing all of Long Island and Queens, New York since 2006.  We pride ourselves in offering a few of the best products the market has to offer.


In 2019 we will continue to offer our # 1 best seller, Country Boy White Lightening, Premium Hardwood Pellets. Country Boy Pellets consist of 100 % oak and are produced in Gamaiel Kentucky. Country Boy Pellets are made from white and red oak saw dust. A consistent product that produces over 8500 BTU/lbs. and less than 1% ash. This product has been in such high demand because of the tremendous amount of heat output and the minimal amount of ash produced. If you have a drop feed stove this product is a must and worth every penny. The fines are so small it prevents the air holes from restricting on your burn pot. This enables your stove to work at its highest efficiency rating for a longer period of time.  Which means less frequent cleanings and interruptions.


In 2019 we will also offer Turman Premium Hardwood Pellets. Turman Pellets consist of 100% kiln dried oak, located in Galax Virginia. The Turman product has received outstanding reviews and gives Country Boy White Lightening Pellets some stiff competition. To no surprise since both products consist of 100% oak. The Turman Product is gaining ground on Long Island as one of the premiere products the market has to offer.


New in 2019, we will be offering EASYBLAZE Super Premium Softwood Pellets and EASYBLAZE Hardwood/Softwood Blend.  We have been keeping our eye on this products performance since 2017. Receiving outstanding reviews over the past 2 years, we are excited to offer the EASYBLAZE products for all of our Long Island Customers. 


At Long Island Wood Pellet Supply our goal is to offer top quality products at a fair market value. We have tested most products on the market and found very few that can hold up to the quality of Country Boy and Turman hardwood pellets. Excited about the introduction of the EASYBLAZE product line in 2019 we look forward to seeing this product grow in popularity on Long Island.


Since 2006 we have serviced hundreds of satisfied customers. We truly believe our products sell themselves. Not much more I can say except to step outside your comfort zone and give it a try. Burning a high quality product may cost a few bucks more, however your stove will run at peak efficiency with less attention needed during those cold winter months. I can’t stress enough your stove is only as good as the fuel you place into it.


Please give us a call today to place your order. We look forward to speaking with you and gladly answer any questions you may have regarding your wood pellet fuel purchase.



Anthony J. Sparacio




Wood Pellets Sold by the pallet!

2000 Lbs.


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For more information on wood pellets go to www.pelletheat.org

Call us: 631-243-1034


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