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Long Island Wood Pellet Supply Inc.

2016 order processing has started please call today to lock in your supply for the fall.


May, 2016


Dear Valued Customer,


Thank You for giving us the opportunity to fulfill all of your wood pellet fuel needs. It is truly a family effort, as we enjoy servicing our fellow Long Island residents.

In 2016, we will continue to carry our very popular Country Boy White Lightning and Turman Hardwood Pellets. Due to popular demand, it has been difficult to stock enough inventory the past few years in order to service our expanding customer base. It bothers us to turn away our customers knowing they may not have a supply of pellets for the coming winter months. We have constantly been seeking out quality products and fortunately for the 2016 heating season we are introducing two new products to our lineup: Somerset Hardwood Pellets from Somerset, Kentucky and Cubex Advantage Pellets from Papineauville, Quebec. Based upon customer reviews, we feel that these two products will satisfy the demand for more quality wood pellet products on Long Island. In addition, we are also looking to introduce Blue Ridge Hardwood Pellets in 2017.

Order processing will start on May 1st and we anticipate delivering our products starting in June. Please give us a call today and we will gladly assist you in obtaining your wood pellet fuel supply for the 2016/17 heating season.
Once again, on behalf of Long Island Wood Pellet Supply Inc., thank you for your continued business

Enjoy your summer


At Long Island Wood Pellet Supply, Inc. our main goal is to offer top quality products at a fair market price. We have serviced over 800 residents here on Long Island during the past 6 years. We continue to see a steady growth in the industry as more residents are turning to alternative heating sources such as burning wood pellet fuel.


In addition to our line of pellets we are also offering Biobrick. If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove these are an easy alternative to cord wood. Biobrick is manufactured from kiln dried wood sawdust and contain no binders or additives. They produce a long even output of heat, are conveniently packaged and easy to handle.  No chopping, no mess and no bugs. Biobrick come 20 bricks per package, 50 packages per pallet.


Long Island Wood Pellet Supply, Inc. is ready to process your order for the 2016-2017 heating season. Our Early Buy Program has been a huge success. The benefits of this program are as follows:


1.  It allows us to secure your fuel supply for the season

2.  It locks in the price

3.  We hold your order for delivery or pick-up starting in mid-August through November 4th

4.  We accept a 50% down payment and balance due on delivery

5.  We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), money orders or personal checks

6.  We offer a referral system to earn you free additional bags of pellets


Please give us a call today to place your Early Buy Order. We look forward to speaking with you and gladly answer any questions you may have regarding your wood pellet fuel purchase.


Enjoy your summer





Anthony J. Sparacio



Wood Pellets Sold by the pallet!

2000 Lbs.


We Accept Checks, Visa, Master and Discover Card     


For more information on wood pellets go to www.pelletheat.org

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